Wisconsin Steel & Tube

Role: Project Management, Coding & Development, Photography Direction, Graphic Design, Technical Strategy & Execution, CMS Training.

Wisconsin Steel & Tube Corporation had been seeking a new web development after years of the competition taking a leading edge online. After a competitive and technical analysis of the competition’s sites and features, a plan was developed to bring Wisconsin Steel & Tube into 2014 with a fully responsive, interactive and informational web development. More importantly, the web development is based on a content management system that is modular enough to adapt an almost infinite number of features in the future without necessitating a new site overhaul.

Months of collaboration, planning, and execution of digital marketing initiatives had to coincide with offline marketing. Being able to bring WST into 2014 with a massive lead over the competition’s new developments and user interaction abilities will prove to be very fruitful and cost effective for years to come.


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