Pro-Floss® Branding

Role: Project Management, Logo Design, Retail Package Design, Product Branding, eCommerce Development, Site Wireframing, Design Facilitation, Marketing Integration.

In 2011 Pro-Floss® Waterflosser had undergone a complete transformation. A brand new logo was designed, and many package design renditions went through the wash before the final version you see today at,, Walmart and more retailers nationwide.

Pro-Floss® is quite the success story going from a surplus of inventory to exploding to exponential growth online due to the products price point, features and convenience compared to the competition in the oral irrigation category of retail. With outstanding ratings, and the success of, Pro-Floss® had finally found further success and traction in retail distribution nation wide.

Pro-Floss® had expanded to include an accessory Toothbrush Sanitizer which only strengthens the brand.

A completely new web development had been orchestrated and integrated with Idea Factory Inc.’s Online Store front along with Rinse Ace®.

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