Nicholas Putz – Marketing & Technical Strategy in Milwaukee, WI
Who am I?
I have worked my way through print, retail & marketing industries as a web developer & graphic designer to the creative & technical marketing strategist I am today. I understand the core needs of a business' foundation and how to most effectively apply branding and technological strategies for successful and measurable future growth.

I believe every business has a unique place in our continuously evolving marketplace. What are the ingredients for finding that place? A bulletproof marketing strategy, a solid process, a unique and consistent voice, and the ability to leverage all of the technologies available in the most efficient and effective way.

If you want to succeed, you need to take initiative on your own, get your hands dirty, and take the necessary risks.

Roaming Outside the Box
When i'm not rocking out to music, reverse-engineering gadgets & technology, designing websites, and occasionally painting—you will find me renovating some major portion of my home, riding the Harley, or building something crazy in the garage.

I currently live in Elm Grove, WI with my beautiful wife and our two amazing dogs, Bailey & Patrick.

A little secret about me (Not really)—While oil and fuel flow through my veins and I love the latest and greatest in the automotive world (McLaren P1 **Drooool**) i'm deep down a vintage car purist and motorsport gear head.

Without understanding our history, we have no real future.

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Continually evolving, improving, and expanding my knowledge through new experiences, challenges and learning from the many brilliant minds who mentor and enrich our lives every day.

The skill sets below are what I feel are the strongest of my capabilities.


Graphic Design & Illustration
Professional Photography & Direction
Adobe Creative Cloud


Business Development & Client Retention
Critical Thinking & Improvisation
Change Agent // Team Motivation
Creative Direction


Business Development
Retail Product Brand Management
Social Media Strategy
Internal Process Development
Marketing Strategy & Project Management


Apple OSX & Windows Fluency
Cloud Computing & SaaS Applications
PPC // Analytics // Affiliate Marketing
Web Development // CMS // eCommerce
PHP // CSS3 // HTML5

Career Experience

Below you will find some samples of the work I have performed from my career so far. Please click on the category headings to see some of the many clients I have worked with along with descriptions of the project, the goals, and how the end result was achieved for each.

Creative Direction & Development


  • Avoid “Digital Pollution” in Social Media & Email

    Avoid “Digital Pollution” in Social Media & Email

    Your brand is no longer stationary and relegated to brick-and-mortar real estate. Today, your burgeoning ecommerce business model must also have adopted and integrated virtual real estate to stay competitive in our global marketplace.

  • Never Use Personal Online Accounts for Your Business

    Never Use Personal Online Accounts for Your Business

    Take a step back and think about this for a moment — Today, the social web is evolving and integrating services with one another so fast that it’s hard to believe where we were only a few short years ago.

    With how quickly technologies and our social ecosystem are evolving, many businesses have some catching up to do with respect to who actually “owns” their online accounts.

  • Are You Ready for a Retina Resolution REVOLUTION?

    Are You Ready for a Retina Resolution REVOLUTION?

    I pride myself on being on the frontlines of technological updates, standards, and breakthroughs so we can get out in front of new tools, programs, and approaches we’re going to need to keep pace with work, life, and everything in between. I like to prepare as best I can on all fronts.

  • The Final Online Frontier: Content Marketing & Automated Lead Generation

    The Final Online Frontier: Content Marketing & Automated Lead Generation

    The internet is a continuously evolving, independent marketplace. This seems to overwhelm most small- to medium-sized companies who wish to leverage digital tools to increase their bottom line.

    What is a business to do with continuously decreasing profit margins cutting into their shoestring marketing budgets?

  • Are Your Marketing, Sales, & Lead-Gen Services DRIVING Revenue?

    Are Your Marketing, Sales, & Lead-Gen Services DRIVING Revenue?

    In recent years, you’ve most likely heard of this little thing called lead generation. You’ve received email after email, phone call after phone call from marketing companies promoting their services, educating you about inbound marketing, and probably harassing you to the point where you decided to try it out because, let’s face it — you want to be on the forefront of this new style of sales and marketing.

  • Should I Ask for an ENDORSEMENT or a RECOMMENDATION on LinkedIn?

    Should I Ask for an ENDORSEMENT or a RECOMMENDATION on LinkedIn?

    If you are an active LinkedIn user, you may have noticed the ability to be endorsed or recommended by your colleagues. If you’re like me, you may have also noticed that there is a dramatic difference between how a Skill Endorsement and a Recommendation are interpreted, used, and engaged upon.

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